Delete account

Here you can request to delete your account, if it was created in our apps.

If you have made purchases with this account, the information about them will be lost!

Please, specify e-mail address, which was used for account creation. Our technical support team will contact you shortly for a confirmation.

Для заполнения данной формы включите JavaScript в браузере.
E-mail, used for the account registration


Also you can send the request to delete account from the apps.

To do so:

— you should be logged in

— press «Log Out» button in the game settings

— in the «Log Out» window follow «Delete account» link.

Note: not all users have accounts feature available for them. If you don’t have active «Sign In» button in the game settings, then this feature is not relevant for you.

If you have any additional questions, write us to for support.