About Us

«Project First» creates fun and friendly educational games and applications for small children.

Our games and apps are based on original content that we create in our own animation studios and best suits for kids from 2 to 5 years old.
All content is designed with active input from specialists in childhood education and translated into many languages.

Our cartoons and entertainment shows are popular on YouTube and other digital platforms with over 150 channels in different languages and 1.5 billion monthly views.


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Leo’s World

In our new game, kids will create their game world themselves, gradually expanding its boundaries and possibilities. Fun adventures await them together with their favorite characters, lots of discoveries, funny animations and loads of positive emotions!

The game is intended for children from 2 to 5 years old and is full of many mini-games and activities that help develop imaginative and logical thinking, fine motor skills and visual memory. They also provide room for creative expression and teach kids to experiment themselves.

Leo’s Road Adventure

New runner game — 14 cool cars and 6 beautiful tracks!
Assemble cars, paint them and set off on the road adventure with Leo the Truck and his friends!

Leo’s Road Adventures is a continuation of our famous learning games for toddlers with cars. Favorite characters, bright design and developmental elements are waiting for your child.

Leo the Truck and Cars — 2

Here’s the sequel to the popular car-building game! 42 new cars, 5 scenic tracks, and fun adventures with your favourite characters! Pick the coolest car and head out towards new adventures! Let’s go!

This fun and friendly game helps develop attention span and listening comprehension, fine motor skills, and your child’s spatial reasoning. It is designed for children aged to 2 to 5 and features bright graphics, an intuitive interface, and professional voice acting.

Leo the Truck and Cars

Educational constructor & puzzle game for children! Build cars together with Leo the Truck!

The game consists of several sequential stages. In them, the child picks the car he or she likes, learns what it is called and what it is used for, uses parts to assemble it in a 3D car-building stage, and then travels one of our scenic tracks with it, exploring the world of Leo the Truck.

Your child will definitely learn new useful skills and have a lot of fun!

Kapuki Kanuki

Let’s watch fun and learning cartoons about cars and educational shows from our studio!

The Kapuki Kanuki app is a possibility to play and learn from the best examples and role models. Play and learn new things in a safe, educational environment! Each section of the Kapuki Kanuki app contains a number of children’s videos, united by a common theme.

All the most memorable beloved children’s characters – on your smartphone!

Doctor MacWheelie

Dr McWheelie is an exciting, fun, and dynamic game for children of any age, even the littlest toddlers! Together with Dr McWheelie, plunge into a world filled with puzzles and unexpected turns.

There are 55 levels your child can complete with Dr McWheelie, each with puzzles training logic, attention, and the basics of counting.

Join Dr McWheelie on her amazing adventure!

Leo’s Songs

Our new interactive music app develops the awareness, hearing, motor skills, intuitive reading, and spatial thinking of your child.

Leo has prepared many interesting songs and task to study colors, objects, and numbers together. Your child will explore Leo’s house, the playground, the kitchen, and the village with all its pets. After each story, your child will get to watch a wonderful cartoon about cars.

Listen and sing songs with Leo the Truck and cars!