Let’s watch fun and learning cartoons about cars and educational shows from our studio!

The Kapuki Kanuki app is a possibility to play and learn from the best examples and role models. Play and learn new things in a safe, educational environment! In our app, you will find cartoons and a multitude of various shows for kids. All the most memorable beloved children’s characters – on your smartphone!


The main features of our app:
— a giant collection of educational and learning videos for children
— Kapuki Kanuki cartoons and shows are split into channels for convenient viewing and following the release of new episodes
— safe – parental controls and no advertising whatsoever!
— convenient and intuitive interface and controls
— watch content online and download video onto your device for offline viewing (with subscription)
— various sorting options (by date, popularity, or name)
— add series and channels you like to your “Favorites”
— video playback quality settings


We have collected fun educational cartoons and songs for toddlers, learning videos and shows that will help children and their parents come up with new games with their favorite toys. And all of this is safe and convenient, since the Kapuki Kanuki app contains only curated content that meets our criteria: correct speech, educational play models, and no cartoons or videos whatsoever that display or promote aggressive behavior.

Our friends, such as Leo the Truck, Dr McWheelie, the stars of the Kapuki Kanuki channel, and our creative and talented host Maria will help your children learn the alphabet, geometric shapes, numbers, and memorize fun songs for toddlers.


Each section of the Kapuki Kanuki app contains a number of children’s videos, united by a common theme.

Our animated series “Clever Cars” and “Hop Hop the Owl” are introductory lessons about colors, shapes, and numbers.

For those who love toy cars, we have cartoons series “Leo the Truck”, “Dr McWheelie”, and “Helper Cars”. In them, we introduce what parts the cars are made of, what they are for, and how they help people.

“Like Mom”, “I am Bianca”, and “Mom’s School” are shows about adults and children who have friends that are toys.

All videos are educational play models. We film them with the aim of encouraging our little viewers to behave well in the home and outside, teaching them communications skills to use with family and friends, and promoting caring and careful interaction with younger children.

Kapuki Kanuki – play and learning against boredom! Join now!


Please familiarize yourself with the conditions of the auto-renewable subscription in the app:
— Renewable subscription period of 1 month grants access to all cartoons and shows on the app, including future releases
— For new users, there is a free trial period of 3 days
— The subscription renews automatically unless the user cancels the subscription 24 hours before the billing date
— Subscription price does not change when renewed
— You can cancel the subscription in your device settings

Terms of Use: