Join Dr McWheelie on her amazing adventure!

Does your child enjoy playing with cars and overcoming obstacles? Is your child excited about any kind of technology? Then our fun children’s game is perfect for your child!

Your child’s finest hour has come! Go on adventures, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and help cars in trouble!

Ready? 3… 2… 1… Go!


There are 55 levels your child can complete with Dr McWheelie, each with puzzles training logic, attention, and the basics of counting.

Dr McWheelie is an exciting, fun, and dynamic game for children of any age, even the littlest toddlers! Together with Dr McWheelie, plunge into a world filled with puzzles and unexpected turns.

This game will help children develop fine motor skills, learn traffic safety rules, and improve leadership qualities.


Dr McWheelie is a children’s educational series that helps the littlest viewers learn many interesting facts about the traffic safety rules. Every episode of this interesting and instructive cartoon teaches relevant and important topics. At the same time, amusing situations and events unfold in the background. Even adults can learn something new about cars from this cartoon, especially about safety. Each cartoon is like a page of a children’s encyclopedia that presents a variety of cars!

The main character of this children’s educational animated series is Dr McWheelie, a little red-haired girl in blue overalls and a wrench in her pocket who always helps cars in trouble.


We recommend going through the exciting levels of the game with your children.

By playing together, children develop their logic and reflexes while also studying colors and geometric shapes. Hints never hurt!


The amazing adventure begins now!

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